Mahou shoujo Rika to monsterka danjon RJ397008 Save Data

Mahou shoujo Rika to monsterka danjon RJ397008 Save Data


RPG specializing in evil corruption and monstering

Japan in the year 20XX has come to coexist with people from other worlds.
With the development of science and the resolution of food shortages, coexistence has become indispensable for both humans and the inhabitants of other worlds.

On the other hand, however, there are those who are planning to invade the human world.
They suddenly appeared in the form of dungeons, transforming other species into their own kind.

To protect the human world from such people, agents with special fighting skills were assigned to each region of Japan.
In such a state of affairs in Japan, there were two people who became agents today in City A, where dungeons are particularly common.

Together with the main character “Rika” and her companions “Leona” and “Tsubaki,” they conquer dungeons where monsters appear to try to make them friends in this RPG game!

[Product Information

78 standing picture differences for the 3 main heroines, 13 for the 3 sub-heroines
12 monster illustrations
More than 20 basic HCGs / More than 90 HCGs including differences
More than 20 HCG scenes

Monsterization system” is a new feature in RPG games, in which allies turn into monsters and enemies during battles!
All monsters change their appearance in 4 stages.

When an enemy monster eats a special attack, it gradually takes on the form of a monster…

Monsterization can be cured with items, but if you continue to eat special attacks of monsters, you will turn into a full monster!

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