Succubus prison~ inma no sukuu ichikenka~ RJ174492 Save Data

Succubus prison~ inma no sukuu ichikenka~ RJ174492 Save Data


◆Game Introduction

The time of death and sperming by succubus is approaching every minute.

Fight? Make her come? Persuade? Stand up to it?


You are nothing more than a helpless human being waiting to be captured by the succubus and sucked dry.

There is no way for you, an ordinary human being, to resist the overwhelming power of the demon.

Still…if you want to escape, that’s a different story.

You are just a meal, an insignificant human being.

There is no need to bother restraining you at all.

Take advantage of the opportunity and you will escape from this house where the devil lives.

Boldly and carefully…escape from the room and look for clues to escape,

Sometimes you hide yourself from the whore’s gaze, and sometimes you dare to lie in front of her, hiding your true intentions,

You must keep moving forward in fear.

All in order to escape from this hellish house of whores. To live.

Where will they be found, who will find them, how will they be found?

What they have… how they will be “cooked” depends on the mood of the whores.

Still, all that awaits them equally… is a miserable end as bait.

Deceive, lurk, crawl, and before the end comes… with the will of the weak… let’s get out.


Active hide-and-seek RPG to escape from the house where three whores live in time.

Don’t let the whores know that you are trying to escape from their house,

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Succubus prison~ inma no sukuu ichikenka~ RJ174492” and use it.

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